- Our company was established in 2001,
- HUU PHONG Company is a manufacturer of paper packaging products, advertising design and specialize in providing all kinds of glass, plastic cover ... used once.
- Good products need more modern means to be able to stand out, introducing their products to consumers better. Packaging, paper bags are just a container for goods but also fashion, is a means to support the products of customers on the path of development, success.
- Huu Phong Company is a company specialized in advertising, offset offset paper products and produce PP plastic products. PET ..... We would like to introduce our company's products: Offset Design and Printing of products: Packaging, Handbag, Catalog, Brochure, Folder, Envelope, Hangtag, Paper Labels, Business Cards, Labels, etc. The disposable plastic products are now widely used in the market. To meet this demand, Huu Phong Company would like to introduce to you our plastic products such as Glass, Lid, Cup, Plate, Tray, ... with many designs, colors Rich, rich, beautiful and special prices are very reasonable. Products of our company are produced with automatic closed lines to ensure the aesthetics, high precision, quality and hygiene food safety absolutely.
- Huu Phong Company always improve the design and diversified products to self-affirm their brand in the market. Therefore, our products have been recognized and used by famous brands in the food industry such as Kinh Do, Sassaco, Tai Tài, etc. The staff of Huu Phong Company are enthusiastic, Have the capacity, experience. With this team we always research and develop powerful modern technical applications to ensure better customer service. Brand prestige and market demand have created the trust of the company.
- Therefore, our high quality, reasonable price and prestige in business are the things that we believe our products will make you satisfied and contribute to your success and Promote long-term cooperation. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best service, the best quality products, the convenience of our customers, and to be your companion for success.