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Chuẩn bị bữa ăn cho sức khỏe

These are trying times. There is no getting away from that. The last year, and perhaps a considerable amount of the year ahead has been, and will continue to be, extremely tough on our mental and physical health. As such, now more than ever, we should be aiming to keep ourselves in the best shape possible. As you will know only too well, meal prepping is the perfect way to make sure you are fuelling your body with all the nutrients it needs.
More and more studies are also pointing to the fact that what we eat can affect not just our physical health, but our mental health too, so meal prepping is, in fact, a double-pronged attack on both issues associated with the body, and the mind too. Depending on just what your ‘lockdown life’ consists of, many of us will either be finding the days long and empty, or extremely busy and frantic. Those who have unfortunately lost their jobs, or perhaps been put on a furlough scheme can find themselves living a life that feels rather monotonous and empty.
On the other end of the scale, some of us are trying to balance working a full-time job from home, while simultaneously trying to teach the kids or troubleshoot internet problems for the entire family. Either way, we are often missing some organisation in our lives right now.

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